AmSoc Campinas Chapter - 2019 Membership, Campinas, Terça, 01. Janeiro 2019

Welcome to the American Society of São Paulo - Campinas!
Welcome to the American Society of São Paulo. By purchasing a one year membership you are investing in yourself as well as your community. By connecting to an incredible network of international families, professionals, businesses, and community partners throughout Campinas and São Paulo. We believe in working together to make a difference in our own lives as well as the lives of at-risk children.  
As an AmSoc member you have access to all of our specialized events and targeted outreach programs in both Campinas and São Paulo. This includes opportunities to serve any of our nine charity partners. Members also enjoy unfettered access to a dynamic international membership base through the Annual Membership Directory, subscription to the monthly Forum and as well as avenues for business promotion, networking and advertising.

American Society of São Paulo - Campinas   #campinas2gether
Our primary focus in Campinas are family friendly events whose proceeds help support the critical needs, projects, and programs of our charity partners.
AmSoc-Campinas Events

Family Friendly Events of all Types

Social and Professional Networking

Culture and Traditions

Holiday Celebrations


AmSoc-Campinas Outreach Programs & Projects

Jogando Junto - EAC Sports Camp

Paint It FORWARD Program

On-Site Grupo Primavera Global Dreamers Program

Propose and manage your own Project subject to Board approval

Grupo Primavera
Currently in Campinas our vetted charity is Grupo Primavera which is an award-winning NGO that offers proven before and after school continuing education programs and vocational training for the children of Jardim São Marcos. 
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For Your Information
Learn more about about Grupo Primavera HERE

Welcome to the family! We look forward to seeing you at the AmSoc-Campinas Events.

Malcolm Macdonald - Campinas Chapter Leader

Terça, 01. Janeiro 2019, Campinas, AmSoc Campinas Chapter - 2019 Membership

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