Business Clinic Health-Check (Johor Bahru), GASpace JB, Sexta, 02. Agosto 2019

Is your business raising Red Flags?Don’t worry; help is on the way. Our business doctor, Mr Andrew Wong, will be providing professional mentorship and business advisory to entrepreneurs who are starting up or facing difficulties in growing their businesses. Our team can help you to diagnose your problem(s) and work on developing the right prescriptions to develop your business. Now, this is your chance to find the right solutions to your business challenges! Don’t miss out from this business clinic. Kindly take action and make the appointment with Mr. Calvin +6012-423 1756 / Ms. Poh Yee +6016-746 7632 to book a 30 minutes slot with Andrew on 2nd August 2019.

Sexta, 02. Agosto 2019, GASpace JB, Business Clinic Health-Check (Johor Bahru)



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Amazônia Life

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