25. Setembro 2020 - 12:00 até 20:30
Mississauga, Ontario

Comprehensive Education for Restoring Dental Implants, Mississauga, Ontario, Sexta, 25. Setembro 2020

Implant therapy has matured into a proven state-of-the-art choice to replace missing teeth. Clinical studies have shown high implant survival rates and prosthetic solutions have evolved significantly over the years, supported by evidence-based research and cutting edge technology. Today’s implant patients have higher expectations compared to patients during the nascent years of implant dentistry when the primary focus was whether their implant would integrate or not. Contemporary implant-supported therapy must attempt to provide a long lasting functional and aesthetic outcome of the implant restoration assembly.

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Sexta, 25. Setembro 2020, Mississauga, Ontario, Comprehensive Education for Restoring Dental Implants

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