Free Creative Writing Workshop for Upper Primary, Prestige Point, Sábado, 24. Agosto 2019

Wellects Learning Centre is holding a series of free creative writing workshops for upper primary students. 
Learn how to write with flair and a heightened personal voice in this effective 1h class.  
Both beginners and experienced writers will benefit from this class.
You will gain 
- Ways to plan a coherent and relevant plot 
- Tips to make scenes and characters come to life
- Guiding questions that will make you write more
- Greater awareness of how to be original in your writing
- Correction of grammar and common writing mistakes
- Personal consultation and a plan to improve your composition grades
This workshop is completely free and materials will be provided. Spaces are limited to 5 per class so book your slots fast!

Sábado, 24. Agosto 2019, Prestige Point, Free Creative Writing Workshop for Upper Primary

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