How I Murdered My Mother, Regina Unitarian Fellowship of Regina Inc, Quarta, 10. Julho 2019

Produced by:Tomo Suru
Directed by:Amber Scott
Created or Written By Gerald Williams
Actor(s): Gerald Williams
Length: 60 Minutes
Genre:Family      Rated: All Ages / Family Friendly
Venue: Unitarian
July 10, 2019                        7:00 PMJuly 11, 2019                        8:45 PMJuly 12, 2019                        3:15 PMJuly 13, 2019                        4:45 PMJuly 14, 2019                        4:45 PM
What’s the difference between dying “properly” & dying with Alzheimer’s? Dying like a man or a lady? Dying while loved or...? Using humour & horror this new one-man show tells how Gerald & husband tended the final five years of parents. You may die laughing?
TOMO - means Friend in Japanese - SURU is the verb to be - Let's be friends!
Tomo Suru are friends who make theatre to tell good stories well told.

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*Management reserves the right to offer special promotional codes and specials at their discretion, without the refund of any portion of a ticket purchased previously for full price.

Quarta, 10. Julho 2019, Regina Unitarian Fellowship of Regina Inc, How I Murdered My Mother



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