How to Build a Startup From Scratch: a 2-Day Online Workshop on Lean Startup Tactics, Hong Kong, Sexta, 11. Janeiro 2019

You are surrounded. All around you are competitors vying for the same business opportunity as you. You want to survive as a startup but many of you are not yet equipped with weapons to survive the initial startupping phase. If you decide to live by new strategies and practice new tactics, you can get a substantial piece of the pie. Are you ready to #HUSTLE?

Friday 11th January 2019 : 3:00 to 6:00 PM (Chicago Time CST)
Saturday 12th January 2019: 3:00 to 6:00 PM (+1 hour grace period)
Platform: Zoom, You will receive access few days prior workshop, and will also receive materials and recording 1 week after the workshop.
Limited Slot: !5
Day 1:
What is Lean Startup?

Build – Measure – Learn and Pivot Concept

Business Models and Customer Development

Value Proposition
Customer Segments
Revenue Streams
Key Resources
Customer Development Processes
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Market Opportunity Analysis

Take-away homework with assigned partner

Day 2: 
Customer Segments

Product Market Fit
Rank and Day in the Life
Multiple Customer Segments
Market Types Introduction: Existing, Resegmented, New, Clone
Consequences of Not Understanding a Market


Distribution Channels Overview
Web Distribution
Physical Distribution
Direct Channel Fit
Indirect Channel Economics
OEM Channel Economics

Take-away homework with assigned partner
Day 3:
Revenue Models

How Do You Make Money
Revenue Streams and Price
Direct and Ancillary Models
Common Startup Mistakes
Market Types and Pricing
Single and Multiple Side Markets
Revenue First Companies
Market Size and Share

BONUS: Partners and resources

(1 hour) Design Challenge: Applying Lean Startup Tactic

Who Am I?
In one word: A #Hustler

Public Speaker: USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines (+30 talks)
Author of “Gamified Psychosphere”
HIT | Design Thinking Consultant at
Think Out Loud Studio – Podcast about my journey in business (listen here)

Peer Reviewer at IEEE Journal of Biomedical & Health Informatics (JBHI)
Peer Reviewer at Journal for Medical Internet Research (JMIR)

Holder of Engineering Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering and Management with Specialization in Biomedical Engineering
Advanced Degree (MS.PhD) in Health Informatics
Industrial background in Mobile Health App Development, Agile Deployment, Gamification, Data Science and Analytics, (Focus on Early-Stage Startups)
Co-founder of TechVerse Coworking Space, Rabat City, Morocco – the first tech-oriented coworking space in the kingdom.
Chief Software Architect of Sutures App – Gamified Gastro-intestinal e-Surgery Simulator (Check it out! )
Research Fellow at University of Missouri’s Center for Biomedical Informatics.
Chief Design Thinker / Information Architect at Sinclair School of Nursing – HEAR App

visit me:
tweet me: @itskatusop

Sexta, 11. Janeiro 2019, Hong Kong, How to Build a Startup From Scratch: a 2-Day Online Workshop on Lean Startup Tactics

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