11. Setembro 2020 - 6:00 até 14:00
Bucharest, Romania

Micro Constellations – Step into the Solution, Bucharest, Romania, Sexta, 11. Setembro 2020

Through micro formats of systemic structured constellations, you help your clients to clarify their inner “problem image” and find solutions to the topic. This is done by putting the various elements belonging to the topic into space. Another dimension, “language of space”, is added to the work.

As the client perceives different perspectives and initiates changes, various solution options can be researched, simulated and experienced. The power of perception of the body is used successfully.

You learn to accompany your clients:

- to physically experience the elements of a solution

- to experience the perspectives of other people

- to gain new perspectives in conflict situations

- to connect with their inner wisdom by literally stepping into it

- to explore new resources and embody them

- to try out concrete ideas for the next steps

More details and registration: http://www.solutionsurfers.ro/micro-constellations-step-into-the-solution/

Sexta, 11. Setembro 2020, Bucharest, Romania, Micro Constellations – Step into the Solution

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