The Brexit Workshop - reconnecting a split society, The Upper Room, Quinta, 30. Agosto 2018

"Being confronted with the unknown gives us the possibility to grow. It is not a threat, it is an opportunity."- Valerie Kattenfeld, founder & CEO of "The Healing Encounter"
AUG 30th & 31st from 7pm-8:30pm - PLEASE ATTEND ON BOTH DATES!This two-evenings workshop invites people to talk again. Those who voted for Brexit and those who voted against. We all create our opinions based on our personal experiences, our basic needs and fears, our culture, education, media, fake & real facts, manipulation... WHATEVER we believe in - there is a reason for it. Everbody carries their backpacks - but these backpacks are usually invisible. In this workshop we are going to open these backpacks. With curiosity, love and care. A Brencounter to deal with the emotions the Brexit has caused."The Brexit Workshop - reconnecting a split society" is a two days workshop and it is important that you attend BOTH evenings. During the first evening we will get to know each other on all different levels except for the political one (like: Who has a pet? What are you passionate about in life? What is your sexual orientation?). My theory (and the whole magic of "The Healing Encounter") is that we have more in common than we think we do, simply because we are human beings. I encourage you to give this approach a try and don't ask people straight away: "What did you vote for?" On the first day the political view does not matter. Be assured that everyone in the room is ready to leave their judgement on the side for two days, so everyone who is present WANTS to overcome the hate-infiltrated polarisation in our society we currently suffer from.The second day we will literally **** each other. There will be eye-contact, movement, talking and acting. It is not about arguing, but about stepping into the other's shoes to understand them better. And explore how we can approach each other without getting rigid, without switching on the alert defense mode. "The Healing Brencounter" helps you to understand where an opinion is coming from. If we all truly listened to each other we'd find out that another person's needs are not that different from our own needs. They all deserve to be heard. YOU deserve to be to this event if you:- have "unlikeminded" people in your friends/family circle and you don't know how to deal with them- are curious why your "enemies" actually think the way they think- want to explore disagreement as something delicious- are fed up with polarisation, arguing, hate and prejudices- want to replace problem-oriented communication with solution-oriented empathetic thought-exchange- are open for the fact that your truth is possibly not the only one and ready to question your own beliefs- want to become a role model for everyone around you of how to communicate with curiosity, respect and opennessTICKETS: Places are limited to twenty people to keep this an intimate event. Tickets are £30 for both evenings. (Please only book on Aug 30th, it will be valid for both dates.).
VENUE - THE UPPER ROOM: When you come from Camden High Street you turn into Greenland Street at the corner of "Burger King". Our house is on the left-hand side on the corner just before Greenland Place (another street). There is no number written on the door, but there will be a sign. The door is blue. Call me, if you have a difficulty finding it: 07568626951!

Quinta, 30. Agosto 2018, The Upper Room, The Brexit Workshop - reconnecting a split society



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